【Saphir ODORIKO】JR EAST new sightseeing train

In the spring of 2020, The East Japan Railway Company (JR EAST) started operating the latest limited express train “Saphir ODORIKO”.🚃

This train runs between Tokyo and Shimoda, a resort area located on the southeastern coast of the Izu Peninsula.♨

The new train will have a car with an open-style kitchen serving the local noodles🍜, which will make your journey through Izu more enjoyable.


ⓒJR-EAST              ⓒJR-EAST



The Saphir ODORIKO will carry 164 passengers in all its ‘Green’ cars with first class seating.

The leading car, called the ‘Premium Green’, will have  seating with wide reclining seats, a first for JR EAST trains.

The second and third cars will have private compartments for up to six people, allowing you to relax in privacy and take in the costal views from the train’s large windows.


ⓒJR-EAST                  ⓒJR-EAST

The train’s name was inspired by the beautiful, bright blue  gem that resembles the ocean and skies of Izu.

The coastline of the Izu Peninsula is popular amongst locals for its surf, sun and sand.

With a handful of wonderful beaches in the area and many hotels and cottages for overnight stays, it is the perfect destination when visiting Japan in the summertime.

The train’s final stop, Izukyu-Shimoda Station is home to perhaps one of the country’s most popular beaches, Shirahama. The beach has a 700 metre stretch of pristine white sand and blue water, making it a prime destination for surfers and beach lovers.

Shirahama Beach

From the final stop, you can also easy access Shimogamo Hot Spring area with an array of invigorating soaks sure to leave your dry sun-kissed skin feeling soft.

Shimogamo Hot Spring

For more information about Saphir ODORIKO, please visit below.


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