Omagari Fireworks, Akita

Omagari Fireworks, Akita

A Cooling Summer Escape to Tantalizing Tohoku! [Part 1]

During the summer, the Tohoku region is a haven for some of the best spots for a cool and relaxing summer retreat, away from the smouldering heat!🌞

Embrace the culture of Japan by wearing a Yukata👘 while witnessing a colourfully creative display of orchestral fireworks dispersed throughout the night skies.🎆

A summer trip to Tohoku ensures a vacation that is better than the best!


Tohoku’s Top Summer Spots

National Fireworks Competition at  “Omagari Fireworks” – [Akita Prefecture]


Feel the Breeze and See the Colours Burst!

Enduring a 100-year history, the Omagari Fireworks is a national fireworks competition celebrated annually in the month of August.

The event has garnered tremendous popularity as one of Japan’s three largest fireworks festivals.

A competition will take place with a display of about 30 first class fireworks each following specialized and unique techniques of their own.

The competition will be judged in two parts – “Day Fireworks Part” and “Night Fireworks Part (No. 10 Discount / Creative Fireworks)”.

Aside from the competition, the event itself offers an in-house display of fireworks that will be launched during the tournament with flower patterns being added to its composition.

A cooling night breeze with a view of extravagant fireworks🎆 spread across the night skies, what more could you ask for!?


  • Date and time;

The last Saturday in August every year Postponed this year

5:15PM – Day-time fireworks
6:50PM – Night fireworks (First session)
8:45PM – Night fireworks (Second session)

*The event can be postponed, rescheduled or cancelled inevitably due to COVID-19.

  • Location;

Daisen City, Omagari “Omagari Fireworks” Park (Omonogawa Riverside)

  • Access;

From Tokyo Station🚄
Take Shinkansen to JR Omagari Station (3 hours) and
walk 30-minute from JR Omagari Station to the park.


Zunda Shake – Zunda Saryo [Miyagi Prefecture]

Miyagi, Zunda


The best cool down with Zunda Shake!

Sendai City is famous for its ”Zunda”(=young soy beans paste).

Zunda is made of Edamame(=young soy beans before mature and yellow), which contains a plenty of plant-based protein and Vitamin A, C.

Traditional way to enjoy Zunda is to eat together with rice cake, however, nowadays you can enjoy it with cold milk shake!

Special Zunda paste is blended in a vanilla-flavored shake, and its crunchy taste is so much fun.

You can find a few Zunda Saryo stores in the Sendai Station, and one in the Sendai Airport as well.


  • Access;

From Tokyo Station🚄
Take Shinkansen to JR Sendai Station (2 hours)


Morioka Cold Noodles [Iwate Prefecture]

Iwate, Morioka Cold Noodles


A Dish Served Cold Never Tasted This Good!

Wankosoba, along with jaja noodles (also known as Morioka Jajamen) is hailed the “Three Great Noodles” of Morioka.

The noodles having a crunchy texture are served cold with fruits such as watermelons and apples.🍜🍉🍎

The soup broth is made from beef bone and chicken granules combined, which exudes an authentically sweet flavour.

Adding a dash of fresh spicy kimchi, its tangy taste with its sweetness from the broth makes it so very refreshing and perfectly balanced!

There is no way to resist a bowl of cold noodle soup on a hot summer day! Slurp on!


  • Access;

From Tokyo Station🚄
Take Shinkansen to JR Morioka Station (3 hours)


All the must-see spots above can be easily accessed with JR trains🚃 and Shinkansen🚄 covered by JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area).

Make sure to purchase the pass before you leave for a vacation and enjoy beautiful fireworks and wonderful local food with saving on travel expenses!


JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area)

Explore the Tohoku region with JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area)🎫 to save on the travel budget!

The pass covers 5 days of unlimited rides on JR trains🚃 and Shinkansen🚄 in the area.

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