Fukushima, Lake Inawashiro

Fukushima, Lake Inawashiro

A Cooling Summer Escape to Tantalizing Tohoku! [Part2]

During the summer, the Tohoku region is a haven for some of the best spots for a cool and relaxing summer retreat, away from the smouldering heat!🌞

Head on a fruit hunting adventure🍑 and taste some of the best fruits you can ever get and immerse yourself in cooling summer resorts equipped with exotic sceneries.

A summer trip to Tohoku ensures a vacation that is better than the best!

Peach Hunting [Yamagata Prefecture]

Yamagata, Peach Hunting


“Oh the Goodness of Peach!”

This August, make your way to Yamagata Prefecture, also known as the kingdom of fruits, where delicious fruits such as fresh and sweet juicy peaches🍑 are grown and harvested to perfection!

There are many varieties of peaches with different textures that are cultivated within the prefecture.

With its smooth texture, exotic sweetness and immense juicy taste, it’s a refreshing fruit to indulge on a hot summer day.

Peaches have gained popularity among the young and the old as one of the most enjoyable fruits in Japan!


Hakkoda Mountain [Aomori Prefecture]

Aomori, Hakkoda Ropeway


What A View!

The Hakkoda Mountain is one of Japan’s top 100 famous mountains.⛰

In summer, a cable car ride on the Hakkoda Ropeway offers a breathtaking view of the mountainous landscape of Hakkoda, which includes Mutsu Bay, Tsugaru and Shimokita Peninsula.

Within this travel trail from the Summit Park Station at Tamoyatsudake area, the view of valleys and hills gradually welcomes you to a sight of alpine plants spread artistically across the green-tinge wetlands, housing 10 ponds and swamps scattered around.

There is also a hiking trail that can be explored on foot!


  • Access;

From Tokyo Station🚄
Take Shinkansen to JR Shin-Aomori Station (3 hours),
and change trains to JR Ou Line to JR Aomori Station (6 min).
Then, take a bus from JR Aomori Station to the Hakkoda Ropeway Station bus stop (60-80 min).

*Some roads are seasonally closed during the winter due to the road surface freezing.


Lake Inawashiro [Fukushima Prefecture]

Fukushima, Lake Inawashiro


A Beautiful Reflection…

Sitting at the centre of Fukushima, lies the beautiful Lake Inawashiro.

This lake is also known as “Tenkyo Lake” and “Sky Mirror Lake”, as the view of the sky is reflected on the lake like a mirror.🌟

A view of Mount Bandai can be seen overlooking the lake which is the iconic symbol of Fukushima Prefecture.

There are various sightseeing spots within the vicinity surrounding the lake.

Resting at an altitude of 500 meters, it is a great escape for a cooling summer retreat to enjoy fishing, water sports.

Moreover, bask in the tranquillity of a refreshing breeze while soaking in the clear waters of this exotic lake!


  • Access;

[ Via Koriyama Station ]
From Tokyo Station🚄
Take Shinkansen to JR Koriyama Station (100 min).
Then take the JR Banetsu West Line from Koriyama Station to Inawashiro Station (35 min).

[ Via Niigata Station ]
From Tokyo Station🚄
Take Shinkansen to JR Niigata Station (150 min),
and change trains to the JR Shinetsu Main Line to Niitsu Station (20 min).
Then change to the JR Banetsu West Line to Inawashiro Station (180 min).


All the must-see spots above can be easily accessed with JR trains🚃 and Shinkansen🚄 covered by JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area).

Make sure to purchase the pass before you leave for a vacation and enjoy beautiful fireworks and wonderful local food with saving on travel expenses!


JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area)

Explore the Tohoku region with JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area)🎫 to save on the travel budget!

The pass covers 5 days of unlimited rides on JR trains🚃 and Shinkansen🚄 in the area.

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