Let’s taking a train to Atami Plum Garden + Atami Sakura Festival

In Japan not only Sakura that are beautiful but there is also a similar beautiful flower and that is “Plum/Ume Blossom” (in this article we will call it Ume Blossom). Ume Blossoms usually bloom 1 month earlier than Sakura in each area. Anyone come to Japan around 1st month – 3rd month will have a chance to see them (upon the areas). But at Atami we have both for you to see on the same time. First Tokyo Rail Days’d better take you to see Ume Blossoms!



Atami Plum Garden was built in 1886. The area is about 44,000 square meters. Itogawa Sakura Festival will be held yearly around the middle of January – the early February. There are Ume Trees almost everywhere in the garden. Ume Blossom Festival is usually around the middle of January till early March.



There are many species of Ume here, but mostly there are white and deep pink blossoms here. Their fresh fragrance makes the strolling more happy and enjoyable.


There are some areas in this garden: activities area, museum, Korean House including foot bath that we can soak our feet while watching beautiful Ume Blossoms in the same time.


You can travel to this garden by taking a bus in front of JR Atami Station. There is an obvious sign near the front of the station that says clearly – to Atami Plum Garden.

*Photos were taken on 16/1/2016


There are Atami Sakura nearby to see! Itogawa Sakura Festival will be held yearly around the middle of January – the early February. That’s very suitable for seeing both on the same trip.


Cherry Blossoms bloom along with a small canal in a short distance. But their beautiful are not less than other places though they are not fully bloom at this time. Therefore, if you visit Kanto at this time, I would like you to see the beauty of plums and cherry blossoms in Atami!


*Photo were taken on 16/1/2016



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