Naruko-kyo Gorge_resized

Naruko-kyo Gorge_resized

Autumn in Tohoku. Recommend Route.

Tohoku area has a lot of natural landscapes. In autumn, leaves of the trees and mountains turn red and yellow, and there are various kinds of autumn taste.
Let’s enjoy the seasonal attractions in Tohoku!


Aomori  ①,②
Akita  ③
Iwate  ④
Miyagi  ⑤

① Oirase Gorge – Aomori Prefecture

Oirase Gorge, continuously flowing from Lake Towada , is a scenic mountain stream in Aomori Prefecture and is one of the major tourist attractions in Towada-Hachimantai National Park. A trip to Oirase lets you get away from the city crowds. You can enjoy walking and relaxing in the autumn leaves forests.

② Apples of Aomori Prefecture

Aomori makes up about 60% of the apple market of Japan. Aomori apples have been well received in foreign countries as well. In Aomori, the biggest apple producer in Japan, many products have been made with apples. Visitors can experience apple farming and processing through various activities: apple harvesting, apple pie eating tour, apple cider (soda pop) tasting and apple bath.

③ Kakunodate – Akita Prefecture

Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture is home to a number of stately samurai residences called “Bukeyashiki”. The place still has the atmosphere of Edo era. Kakunodate is famous for the autumn leaves. The contrast of colored leaves and black walls of Bukeyashiki is truly worth seeing.

④ Geibi Gorge – Iwate Prefecture

Geibi Gorge’s cliffs soar as much as 100 meters on either side of a placid river perfect for punting. Enjoy the narration and song of the punter as you guide over 2 kilometers of scenery ranked in the 100 best sceneries in Japan.  From mid-October to early November, the entire gorge is painted autumn colors such as yellow, orange and red, and it creates breathtaking views.

⑤ Naruko-kyo Gorge – Miyagi Prefecture

Naruko-kyo is a gorge formed by erosion of the Oyagawa River, and it has a depth of 100 meters. It is known as one of the best spots for viewing beautiful colored leaves in Miyagi Prefecture. Naruko area is also famous for hot springs and Japanese traditional wooden dolls “Kokeshi.”

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