Shiraito Waterfalls, Karuizawa

Shiraito Waterfalls, Karuizawa

Enjoy the cool breeze of Nagano-Niigata area!

The temperature becomes higher  these days and the weather seems to be that of summer in Japan, we need to get away from home to visit some cool and chilling spots.🌞

Here are some places to feel cool breeze in Nagano and Niigata areas!


  • Nagano Prefecture

Shiraito Waterfalls, Karuizawa

Shiraito Waterfalls, Karuizawa

Located on a tollway called Shiraito Highland Way in Karuizawa area, the Shiraito Waterfalls is easily accessed by cars and public bus services as well.

The Waterfalls is surrounded by trees, which makes cool temperature and enables us to forget the smoldering heat of summer. The waterfalls look like a natural curtain made of streams, as its width is about 70 meters wide and its length is 3 meters high.

Visit one of the most famous mountain retreat in Japan to feel the natural cool air! 🌳


[From Tokyo Station]

Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Karuizawa Station (1h) and

take a bus to Shiraito Waterfalls Bus Stop (20min).


Amazake (Fermented Japanese Rice Drink)

Owning the largest number of Miso factories and the second largest number of sake breweries in Japan, for ages, many of them make Amazake during off-season (= summer) in Nagano Prefecture.🍶

There are more than 40 breweries making Amazake in the prefecture.

Compared to other areas, Amazake of Nagano Prefecture has more sweetness, but the taste is clear and smooth.

Glucose contained in Amazake helps your physical recovery, and oligosaccharide activate intestinal bacteria and prevent from catching a cold.

Amazake is a perfect drink for those who are feeling tired with the summer heat and dehydrated body.


  • Niigata Prefecture

Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel, Tokamachi

Kiyotsu Gorge, Niigata

The Gorge is located in the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park in Tokamachi City. The tunnel was restored and transformed into the impressive art work called ‘Tunnel of Light’ by MAD Architects since the 2018 Echigo-Tsumari Triennale. The work relies on ‘five elements’ of nature (wood, earth, metal, fire, water), as we can discover wooden interior in the café and souvenir shop and colorful lights in the tunnel.

Enjoy the collaboration of art works and natural settings in the cool temperature!🎐

*Reservation in advance is necessary during peak times.


[From Tokyo Station]

Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Karuizawa Station (1h) and

take a bus to Shiraito Waterfalls Bus Stop (20min).


Hegisoba (soba noodle dish)

Hegisoba, Niigata

Hegisoba is a soba (=Japanese noodles that are made with buckwheat flour) noodle dish of Uonuma area in Niigata Prefecture.

‘Hegi’ means a square plate made of hagiita (wood, its bark is stripped off) which derives from ‘Hagi’ (= to strip or peel off in Japanese).

One of its unique feature is that Hegisoba is made with funori (a kind of seaweed) as its binder.

It makes the chewy and smooth texture of soba. With cold dipping sauce, definitely the perfect choice for hot summer days in Japan!😋


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