Kusatsu Onsen – 1 of 3 best onsen of Japan

Kusatsu is a village in the valley of Gunma Prefecture, about 1,200 meters high above the sea. The weather is pleasant almost all year round. It is 1 of 3 most famous onsen of Japan. More than 32,000 liters of natural hot spring will spout from this source every 1 minute. This tremendous volume makes the area covered with vapour most of the time.


Onsen in Boun Hotel

Onsen in Boun Hotel


There are 2 famous natural hot springs in Kusatsu. One of them is Yubatake which is the symbol of Kusatsu. Many hotels and ryokans link the pipes from this emerald hot spring to their own places. So that hotels in Kusatsu can use water from Yubatake.




Besides, hot spring at Yubatake has pH balanced around pH 2.1, which can kill bacteria that remain on the body. It is unbelievable that there are only a few hot springs in Japan that have this pH balanced. It can cure many ailments. Thanks to this, Kusatsu Onsen is still the favourable onsen of Japanese since the old times.

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