Virtual Sake Brewery Tour supported by JR EAST on March 21

Virtual Tour service JAPONISME and JR East have joined forces to create a virtual tour that will take participants on a journey via shinkansen to the city of Ninohe in Iwate Prefecture, home of the award-winning Nanbu Bijin sake brewery.

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This is a collaborative tour that will take you on a virtual journey to a sake brewery, Nanbu Bijin, for you to explore the profound world of sake and Northeast Japan.

On this virtual tour, you will travel to Ninohe by the Tohoku Shinkansen and visit Nanbu Bijin Sake Brewery, which is famous for its World Champion sake (IWC 2017).



Not only will you learn how to choose your favorite type of sake and how to order sake at restaurants, but you will also take a virtual trip to a sake brewery to learn how rice transforms into sake. Enjoy the profound world of sake!

From your comfortable room, please enjoy the tour with your favorite alcoholic (or, of course, non-alcoholic) drink in hand!

JAPONISME Virtual Sake Brewery Tour supported by JR EAST <FREE>

DATE: March 21
TIME: 14:30 JST

SGT 13:30 PM
AEDT 16:30 PM
NZDT 18:30 PM
PST 10:30 PM (-1 day)



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