Sake brewing experience at Kamogawa Sake Brewery(with Lunch)

Tour includes

Experience of Sake Brewing
+ Lunch
+ Taxi(Roundtrip:Kamogawa Sake Brewery⇔Place for lunch)
+ Tasting
+ Souvenir

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2020-04-01 ~ 2022-03-31

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★1 Yamagata Railway Flower Nagai Line:Customer's responsibility(750JPY)



※A staff will accompany during the sake brewing experience and on the way [Kamogawa Sake Brewery] ⇔ [Japanese Restaurant, Hisago], during tasting and shopping.
※Interpretation will be using an automatic interpreter (POKETALK).

Genuine sake brewing experience at Kamogawa Sake Brewery that won the top prize in the aged sake category of IWC2018(The world's largest wine competition), held in Yamagata in 2018. Toji (the master brewer) of Kamogawa Sake Brewery who has created the "world's best aged sake" will provide explanations and instructions.

※The souvenir is (A)One bottle of Kamogawa Sake Brewery's sake to take home on the day or (B)Sake brewed by customers during the sake brewing experience to be delivered at a later date. (Delivery takes about 1 month and shipping fee must be paid on arrival.)

※Please choose either (A) or (B) when you make a reservation.
※Cannot select (B) if a customer do not have a shipping address in Japan. International shipping is not available.

※If a customer choose (A), taste sake on the day and choose sake prepared by the sake brewery to take home.

※Please wear warm clothes because it is expected to be cold.
※Please note that the contents and times may be subject to change depending on the brewing conditions at the sake brewery, etc.

※Please participate in sake brewing experience with comfortable clothes.
※Boots, aprons and non-woven hats will be rented at the sake brewery on the day.
※Please be sure to follow the instructions of the staff at the sake brewery.
※Please do not eat and drink natto, milk products (yogurt, lactobacillus beverages) on the day of sake brewing experience to avoid contamination by other bacteria.

Enjoy local cuisine with local ingredients and new brew of sake of Kamogawa Sake Brewery.

※Operating hours:(Lunch)11:30~13:30、(Dinner)17:00~21:00(L.O.20:00)
※Lunch will be a pre-prepared course meal. The charges for foods and drinks ordered in addition to the course meal are paid by the customers. 

※Due to local circumstances, restaurant and lunch menu may change.



Tour Detail

Station of departure
  • Akayu Sta.
※Only applications of groups of 2~9 people can be accepted.
※Each facility may be closed or a part of service may not be provided without prior notice due to covid-19.

※Please use public transportation if drinking alcohol.

Access to Kamogawa Sake Brewery

Access to Kamogawa  Sake Brewery