Tour includes

JR train ticket(one-way) for
①「Hachinohe Station⇒Kuji Station (with lunch)」or ②「Kuji Station⇒Hachinohe Station (with dessert buffet)」
(round trip) for ➀②「Hachinohe Station⇔Kuji Station」

Tour Period

04 April 2021 - 24 September 2021

※Black out dates: Please check the calendar.

Minimum number of passengers


Price from

On Request

Package Options

Package 1


Model Course


You just arrived at Hachinohe station!

Board to the train allowed 10 minutes before departure, but we will recommend to you arrive to the station earlier if you would like to take photos.

You will find the train name “TOHOKU EMOTION” on the station sign board!

Please check the platform number on the board.




Station staffs welcome you at platform.

Car interior like a restaurant that makes it possible to leisurely enjoy meals while viewing the scenery.


Feast your eyes on the various tableware and fixtures, the fruits of Tohoku traditional skills and beauty created solely for TOHOKU EMOTION.

There are several types of seats.

Coach no.1 is compartment type.


And Coach no.3 is open dining style .Both types of coach allowed to have seat up to 2-4 people together.


This course comes with a meal that melds the perfection of popular chefs and local ingredients.

※Taste seasonal menu for every season


There are live kitchen space and special exhibitions for introduction of local attraction.


Furthermore, local people are waving the flag for welcoming TOHOKU EMOTION.

When you find them, let’s wave your hands to them!


The last stop of lunch course is Kuji station.

When you arrive the station, local people welcome you with flag.


Kuji is famous as a station that was the location for famous Japanese drama.

If you have watched the drama, there are a lot of places that you have seen on TV.

Let’s take a walk around the area.


Departure time for sweets course is set in the afternoon.

All Aboard!

This course offers TOHOKU EMOTION original desserts provided by Hotel Metropolitan Morioka.

After departure, while you are selecting drink from such as tea or coffee from the menu at the seat, assorted sweets plate will be served to you

After enjoying the sweets on the assorted plate, Why don’t you try buffet-style sweets at coach 2 where live kitchen located?

(Currently, due to the prevention of the COVID-19, sweets are served at your seat instead of the buffet style.)


Please enjoy the view from the train and wonderful sweets in about 2 hours to Hachinohe Station!


Tour Detail

Station of departure
  • Hachinohe Sta.
  • Kuji Sta.
※Please choose ①「Hachinohe Station→Kuji Station」 or ②「Kuji Station→Hachinohe Station」 or ①②「Hachinohe Station↔Kuji Station」 when making a reservation.
※There may be changes to the days that TOHOKU EMOTION operate and its departure and arrival times.

※Let us know if any members of your party have allergies. We will check if any foods that do not contain the particular allergens can be used for the meals. However, please note that it is not possible to change to an allergy-friendly meal.
※Adults and children are served the same meals.
※Please refrain from bringing any food or drink into the train.
※All cars are non-smoking.
※Pets are not permitted. (Except for guide dogs and service dogs.)
※Passengers need to purchase a seat with lunch or dessert buffet.
※There is no space for large pieces of luggage.
※In case of the round-trip course, it will be used on the same day.
※If you choose the round-trip course, you must depart the train car after arriving at Kuji station. You cannot wait in the train car for your return train to arrive. You cannot leave your luggage on the train.
※It is not possible to reserve particular seats.
※You cannot take the dishes, luncheon mats, etc. used in the train with you.


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