The only shinkansen of its kind in the world.

Tour includes

JR railway-ticket(One Way)
[Fukushima Station⇒Yamagata/Oishida/Shinjo station]
[Shinjo/Oishida/Yamagata station⇒Fukushima station]
+「Toreiyu Tsubasa」reserved‐seat ticket
+ foot bath Voucher
+「Toreiyu Tsubasa」Original Lunch box
+「Toreiyu Tsubasa」Drink Set

Tour Period

03 April 2021 - 26 September 2021

※Black out dates: Please check the calendar.

Minimum number of passengers


Price from

On Request

Package Options

Package 1


Model Course


The world's first shinkansen with a foot bath. Enjoy Yamagata's food, alcohol, and foot bath from inside the train.

[Toreiyu Tsubasa Original Lunch box]

Adult: Original Bento box(spicy tasted beef, Yamagata Local special )

Child: Original Bento box(rice ball,fried chicken etc.)

[Toreiyu Tsubasa Drink Set]

You can choose from a bottle of Japanese sake (180 ml), a bottle of wine (180 ml), a soft drink (pine cider or brown rice tea or fruit juice).








Tour Detail

Station of departure
  • Fukushima Sta.
  • Shinjo Sta.
  • Oishida Sta.
  • Yamagata Sta.
※The service may not be provided without prior notice due to covid-19.
※Please choose either ①Toreiyu Tsubasa 1 departing from Fukushima Station or ②Toreiyu Tsubasa 2 arriving at Fukushima Station when booking this tour.
※Please specify the station to get off when making a reservation for Toreiyu Tsubasa No.1.
※Please specify the station to get on when making a reservation for Toreiyu Tsubasa No.2.
※The Toreiyu Tsubasa’s days of operation or time schedule may be subject to change.
※Toreiyu Tsubasa's reserved seat will be released one month before the date of use. If you apply for more than 1 month before, we will reply at a later date.

[About foot bath]
※Each individual is asked to limit their use of the Toreiyu Tsubasa foot bath to 15 minutes. Includes preparation and clothes changing time. Time cannot be extended.
※The Toreiyu Tsubasa foot bath water is not hot spring water.
※Customers using the Toreiyu Tsubasa foot bath should take their voucher ticket to car 16 and give it to an attendant at the indicated time.


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